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Installing ADRF6821-Eval Board plug in

Question asked by idnin on Jul 9, 2018
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I recently bought the ADRF6821-EVAL board, and tried to connect it to the ACE software. However, the software could not detect the board (displaying "no daughter board detected") since I did not install the plugin yet. I was able to obtain the so called plug in file for this board (, from EngineerZone forum, but was unable to install it properly.

I tried to follow the steps that they said would work:

a) Close ACE application

b) Download the attached .txt file to local directory and change the extension .zip

c) Copy/paste the ingredients of the folder to C:\ProgramData\Analog Devices\ACE\Plugins

d) Connect the SDP board to customer eval board and then connect the USB to SDP board.

e) Run ACE program


1. Tried but unfortunately failed. Managed to unzip and obtained two sub-folders (Board.ADRF6821, Chip.ADRF6821). The folder "C:\ProgramData\Analog Devices\ACE\Plugins" was no where to be found.

2. Tried to enter the file path in "Manage plug-ins" tab, but also failed.

3. Tried to change the file extension to .acezip, and tried to directly install to the software, also failed. Error "Object reference not set to an instance of object" was displayed. Screenshot as per attached.


I am not sure whether the plug in file is the latest/correct one, or the installation steps were wrong.

FYI, I am using Windows 10 64 bit, ACE software version 1.9.2651.1101


Hence, would be greatful is someone here could help to provide me the correct plug-in files and the installation setup.