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How to set up stable JESD204B links between Multi-AD9154

Question asked by Allendai on Jul 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2018 by Allendai

I have 4pcs AD9154 in my system, clocks come from LMK04828. 


If AD9154's LMFC SYNC set to continuous mode, all AD9154 SYNC well and 204B link is stable. But continuous sysref signal can leads to intermodulation, so I prefer to use one-shot mode.


I met with problems when used one-shot mode, 204B links become fragile, sometimes they can't be established successfully when power up, I have to reset and try more times; Occasionally, link lost after it established for no reason. 


From my view, My LMFC rising edge could aligns to a random time point among the jitter range of SYSREF with one-shot mode, center or edge all could be. If i use one-shot & monitor mode, monitoring the phase error of each rising edge of SYSREF, thence adjust the error tolerance window till align to the center of SYSREF jitter range, instead of aligning to a random edge.


Any advice for my opinion? or any recommendation for this case?