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unable to power up adis16488

Question asked by Anna123 on Jul 9, 2018

Hello!l have experience the same trouble like Blue.(Unable to power up the ADIS16488 ) l can only power up my adis16488 with the eval board,but if l connect the power lines to any other power supply ,the sensor has no response. So is there any recommanded power supply source? or in your project, how do you power the sensor? 

The figure attached below is that l power the sensor with your eval board,and read the signal with arduino. In this case, it works well. But if l connect sensor's VDD and GND pin to arduino's power supply pin, the sensor has no response. and l have tried all the 3.3V power supply in hand,  there is no improvement. So  would you please give me  some suggestion about how to power up adis16488?