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AD7124_4: continuous reading and writing time interval

Question asked by sam_seu on Jul 8, 2018
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Hi, All:

I came up a problem in AD7124_4 register and ask for your help, Thanks.

All MCU access to AD7124 needs to start by writing communication register first. Do I have to wait for several Ts in the following picture? I saw in the TIMING CHARACTERISTICS chapter that two consecutive read and write operations need interval 3*Mclk time.            Suppose I need the AD7124 register 05, 07 to perform read operations and write operations respectively, the operation process, the first write communication register notifications to AD7124 that I first operation read address 05 register, then send the clock signal to read the content of the 05 register, and then write communication register to notify ADC I write the second operation of ADC. The address 07 register, then send the write content;            Do I have to wait for the above time requirement when I send communication register data? Is it the first time I read the 05 register, and then wait for the time to write the 07 register?