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Is this setting for ADV7611 right?

Question asked by SHIGETO on Jul 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2018 by GuenterL

Hi, please teach me setting for ADV7611.



PC→HDMI cable(1.5m or 15m)→ADV7611 → ADV7513 → Monitor

<My setting for ADV7611>


68 8E 1E
68 96 00


68 8E 1E
68 96 00

My setting for ADV7611 is same by 1.5m and 15m.

①Is this setting for ADV7611 right?

Do I have to change EQ_DYN1_HF (68 8E 1E)?

②When I have to set EQ_DYN_EN (68 96 01) ?

I think that if I set EQ_DYN_EN 0x01, equalizer is Auto(without set 68 8E 1E).

Is my opinion right?


③If not, what is EQ_DYN_EN?
Please teach me how to use EQ_DYN_EN.


Best regard.