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LTC6804-2 not responding to RDSTATA command. No data is returned. While RDSTATB is working without any issue?

Question asked by Usman1501 on Jul 6, 2018

I am using LTC6804-2 in one of our products. The MCU is connected to the LTC6804 directly through SPI (ISOMD tied to V-). I have ported the sample Linduino code on website to my application written in C, and made appropriate changes to make the code run without any issues.


I then used the exiting sample code to write the code to implement ADSTAT command, hoping to extract the two associated registers that give (RegGrpA: SOC, ITMP & VA and RegGrpB: VD, OV, UV, MUXFAIL & THSD). I am able to read RegGrpB values without any issues, but RegGrpA only gives 0xFF value in all its associated registers.


I have confirmed that ADSTAT command is executed correctly, because og the VD value I can read in RegGrpB. So why would it not work for RegGrpA??


Is there some special sequence of commands that I need to implement in order to get RegGrpA to respond?