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speed of AD9695 and ADS7-V2EBZ data to computer

Question asked by Radarrr on Jul 6, 2018



I am trying to use the AD9695 and ADS7-V2EBZ to receive receiver data.


But the worry is that the interface between the ADS7-V2EBZ and the computer is USB 2.0. As far as I know, the maximum speed of USB 2.0 is 480MBps. But the BW of the input signal for the AD9695 we want is up to 200MHz. At this time, sampled data is sampled at AD9695 with 14 bits. I do not know the bit per sample of IQ coming through the DDC, but it is concluded that data rate of about 960MHz is required at 14 * 80MHz if it is assumed to be the same 14bit. However, since the maximum speed of USB2.0 is 480MHz, it is impossible to receive data in real time. It is also expected that the bit per sample of IQ will be even larger.
If the computer can not receive data in real time, but if it is possible to receive data using the memory inside the capture board, how much data can it store and is there a way to receive the data completely through the software?


To summarize my question


1. What is the output of the AD9695 per sample?

2. Can the ADS7-V2EBZ transmit data of maximum BW 200MHz to the computer in real time?

3. How much data can the ADS7-V2EBZ store and how can it transmit to the computer?


thank you