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ADAU1452 and NVM

Question asked by ArtemGromak on Jul 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2018 by ArtemGromak
We have a project that uses the ADAU1452. The board does not have a microcontroller - the audio circuit will be controlled by ADAU1452 depending on the changes on the buttons (connected as digital inputs to ADAU1452).
There is one feature of the device's operation - the power of the device can be turned off at any time. We would like the device to restore its last state after power-up.
How can this be done? Maybe the ADAU1452 has some kind of nonvolatile memory inside?
Or maybe there are some other ways?
In SigmaStudio, I found the components for writing and reading through the SPI(Master Control Port SPI Read and Master Control Port SPI Write).
Maybe there is an posibility to do so:
allocate in the EEPROM memory area not used for ADAU1452 boot
save the state of the program (if it is changed) in this EEPROM area 
To restore the program state at the start, reading it from EEPROM.
Thank you.