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Question asked by zrl on Jul 5, 2018
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        AD9371 USES ADP5054 for power supply, but I have a question. AD9371 has power up sequence. I would like to ask VOUT2_1V3_DIG is the first power supply, what is the role of ADP5054_EN?I according to AD9371 and ZC706 connection design of power supply, found that VOUT1_1V3_ANLG and VOUT3_3V3 and  VOUT4_1V8 is normal,but VOUT2_1V3_DIG is not 1.3 V instead of  5 V, I took half a day can't found the problem, the  schematic diagram I think is right.I think it might be related to the ADP5054_EN network, so I want to ask this ADP5054_EN  whether need to design in my board?. The ADP5054_EN if not use whether affect the power supply of AD9371.