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500 MSPS or more ADC to DSP / MCU

Question asked by on Jan 3, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2012 by David.Buchanan

To whom it may concern..


Since some time I'm looking for an 500MSPS ADC and a DSP / CPU to process the data.

All that I can see is that it is simply impossible to to this task without a FPGA between ADC and DSP.

It's not passible to do it in another way because of the required LVDS interfaceing.

Or am I blind and have all the time overlooked an available solution for that problem?


My dream would be a ADC direct connected to a DSP who is capable to see the ADC as a kinf of DDR memory device I can use to read out the ADC data via DMA access.


This would dramatically reduce the costs and development time.


Additionaly it would make Analog Devices more independent from Altera or Xilinx and estabish a complete new market.


If anyone has a goot idea to avoid an FPGA please let me know.