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ADXL362 Serial Output on FIFO Buffer Overrun?

Question asked by dszczepanski on Jul 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2018 by jwang

Hello, we use the ADXL362 as an embedded chip on a hardware board that we didn't design so it is difficult getting information from the original manufacturer of the board. We notice that occasionally, our serial logs and debug logs become filled with the following data (this is a sample of it, but it can vary in length):


BADx[0 7ef8]  BADx[2 8039]  BADy[1018 0]  BADx[0 7ef8]  BADx[2 8033]  BADx[0 7efb]  BADx[2 8033]  BADy[1018 0]


and at the end of the data is the statement:


ACC afi too many samp:513


Is this an artifact of the FIFO buffer being overrun? The 'x' and 'y' portion of the data sounds like probable axis but we never see the z axis. Knowing that the buffer can hold 0-512 samples, it is possible that we are overloading the FIFO buffer or it is otherwise becoming overloaded via another reason. Upon reading the data sheet for the ADXL362 it seems this is a logical assumption I just don't know where the formatted BADx[] and BADy[] is being generated at I am 99.9% sure that it is not instrumented as a debug/print/other statement in our software. 


The picture I am attaching is just a screenshot of the logs that I quoted above. Let me know any other information you may need to provide some assistance, I have most available but didn't know what was pertinent.