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Could not update the AD9371 filter profile

Question asked by on Jul 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2018 by DragosB


I am trying to update the filter profile of 20/100/40  with MATLAB Profile Generator for AD9371 [Analog Devices Wiki] 

generated profile files which is attached.

but am getting the error like


[  208.859644] ad9371 spi1.0: deframerStatus (0x21)

[  208.867465] WARNING: 136: Mismatch detected in MYKONOS_jesd204bIlasCheck()

[  208.876555] ad9371 spi1.0: ILAS mismatch: c7f8

[  208.883185] ad9371 spi1.0: ILAS lanes per converter did not match

[  208.891467] ad9371 spi1.0: ILAS scrambling did not match

[  208.898931] ad9371 spi1.0: ILAS octets per frame did not match

[  208.906900] ad9371 spi1.0: ILAS frames per multiframe did not match

[  208.915286] ad9371 spi1.0: ILAS number of converters did not match

[  208.923574] ad9371 spi1.0: ILAS sample resolution did not match

[  208.931592] ad9371 spi1.0: ILAS control bits per sample did not match

[  208.940118] ad9371 spi1.0: ILAS bits per sample did not match

[  208.947897] ad9371 spi1.0: ILAS checksum did not match


My previous filter is configured for 75/200/100.

I am able to update the files of 40/200/100 bandwidth and getting the exact bandwidth.


Please suggest whats wrong with it?

Is it the problem of AD9371 kernel file which is used in my Peta-Linux project  or in the filter profile generation.


When we change the kernel file (mykonos) section and recompile the kernel then its working fine.

We have to update the profile on run time so recompiling the kernel is not feasible here.

We are using the zcu102 board so we assume that we need to compile the kernel again.Is our assumption is right? Or any other alternate is available?