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VFB as a voltage reference

Question asked by groger on Jul 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2018 by harrynsc

Hi -

I am using an ADA4505 VFB as a voltage reference to obtain Vdd/2 (Vdd = 3.3V) as a midpoint reference in an active filter circuit, using a pair of 1% 10K resistors at the NI input. the 4505 is being supplied by an LDO, which is preceded by a switcher supply.

My question is, how stable would this VFB output be for a comparator? The comparator requires a threshold of around 200mV, so I would need to take the VFB output and divide it down to feed Vref of the non-inverting comparator.


My thinking is, perhaps the instability of the 3 different devices (switcher, LDO, VFB) plus the resistor divider may contribute a lot of instability so my Vref at comparator could vary by some conjugate of those numbers that could end up too low or high. I can tolerate around 50mV on the threshold.


So...bad idea? Should I use a dedicated voltage reference?


Thanks for your help!