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TCP/IP ADAU1701 - Read not possible

Question asked by SrSupp on Jul 4, 2018

Hi, in a university project we are currently using an ADAU1701. In the project the DSP is loaded via a RaspberryPi on which SigmaTCP is installed. At the beginning of the project it was not possible to use SigmaTCP, as described in there is a header mismatch.
After we applied the bugfix from the forum post we can now control the ADAU1701 via SigmaTCP.
But we can't read data from the DSP yet.


To do this, I need information about how the data Sigma Studio receives should look like. (Similar to the forum post at - so I only need the same information as here but for the ADAU1701.
Many thanks and many greetings!