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ADV7611 probe fail with TI DRA74x processor

Question asked by shawnx on Jul 4, 2018
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Hi all,

At our custom board, there is video converter(ADV7611), and it's 8-bit BT656 output directly connect to Vin-3a port of DRA74X. And DRA74X use i2c-1 to control this converter.

I already modify kernel dts try to let linux kernel probe this converter, but fail and cause system crash(crash happend after ADV7604 driver execute "oid = of_match_node(adv76xx_of_id, client->dev.of_node);" which is located at adv76xx_probe() function). 

The attached file "4466.boot_log.txt" is the boot log.

The attached file "8171.dts.txt" is our dts file.

What is the possible reason to cause this crash?    

P.S. The SDK for TI processor using linux kernel version 4.4.45