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Suppress assembler preprocessor warning syntax question

Question asked by devsm on Jul 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2018 by Reva@14

I am using CCES 2.5.1 and assembling for BF70X.


I am trying to suppress the assembler preprocessor warning pp0038.


I have tried the following command line switches:

-Wsuppress 38



Neither work for me and I always get the following assembling warnings, one where it tells me that 38 is an unknown message ID followed by a pp0038 warning.

  [Warning ea1195] "command-line":1 This number does not represent a known message id : 38

  [Warning pp0038] "ppasrc1.asm_bf70x":26 macro 'DEF_DEVICE' not currently defined - 0 assumed


I know my syntax is mainly correct because if, for example, I assemble with -W1195 -W38 then I only get the following:

  [Warning pp0038] "ppasrc1.asm_bf70x":26 macro 'DEF_DEVICE' not currently defined - 0 assumed

which means -W1195 successfully suppressed the ea1195 warning.


So it must be something particular to preprocessor warnings. The assembler manuals states the following:

   The -Wnumber (warning suppression) switch selectively disables warnings specified by one or more message numbers.

   For example, -W74 disables warning message pp0074.


Can you let me know what I am doing wrong?


Thank you