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LTC4015 INT_VCC current limit

Question asked by Danie. on Jul 3, 2018
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I am currently involved in hardware development using the LTC4015.

For our design we need a 5V power supply for a small µC (PIC1459 - same on the demo Board).
The µC will will stay in sleep mode most of the time.

When its necessary the µC will wakeup, perfom some task and go back to sleep.


While the µC is performing his task we want to show operation state through some LED´s.


My question now is:

Can we use the LTC4015 internal voltage regulator to supply the µC and the debugging/operational LED´s?
I think this would be a better solution than implementing another LDO/switching regulator, because power loss should be generally avoided on battery powered applications.

I searched the datasheet and on page 41 "INTVCC/DRVCC and IC Power Dissipation" i found a value of 42mA, if the input voltage is 35V.

But i am not sure if those 42mA are independent from the current needed by the DRVCC pin?


On our application Vin would normally stay below 24V, so i think the current supplied by INTVCC could be a bit higher?

So what are the limiting values for INTVCC?


Thank you in advance!
Kind Regards