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ADE7753 unstable LAENERGY reading

Question asked by 0java0 on Jul 3, 2018
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We have designed a meter using ADE7753. The current channel has a 14ohm shunt resistor, connected to a 1/3 voltage divider, and an 1 Mohm resistor is used for the voltage divider as recommended in the datasheet for voltage measurement in channel 2 .
I got all the frequency, RMS voltage and RMS current calibrated and linearly read those correctly but when I tried to calibrate the power measurement via given CF procedure in the datasheet, but the LAENERGY(0s)-LAENERGY(10s) outcome is varying and not showing a fixed value in the different tests. Numbers are not even in same order;
Here is the other specs: CT 100A/50mA, 120V, 60Hz, Km=3200pulses/kwh
Calibrating power supply: 1000 Watts (fixed) cosphi=1 with
LINECYC= 0x4b0
GAIN = 0x0
MODE = 0x88
All other registers left to their default reset values.
Some LAENERGY(0s)-LAENERGY(10s) outoput in decimal: 24, 1436, 1135, 2136, 3695