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ADF4350 VCO subbands frequencies

Question asked by Piotr on Dec 31, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2012 by icollins

ADF4350 datasheet says that its VCO core consists of three separate VCOs each having 16 overlapping subbands. What are the frequency ranges of these subbands?


Does ADF4350 select the subband solely basing on programmed frequency or does it take Vtune voltage into consideration to select best subband at specific operating temperature? Datasheet says that when temperature changes and Vtune falls near to 0V reprogramming R0 (with the same value I assume) causes choice of another subband - so how does it choose that subband?


I'm using AF4350 only as a (wideband) VCO with an external PLL and it would be the best if I could manually select the subband (for example by programming R0 with specific value that always causes selection of the same subband, at all temperatures).


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