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How to use Interrupt on GPIO4 in ADuCM330

Question asked by abkakar on Jul 2, 2018
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I want to use interrupt on GPIO4 for wakeup from sleep mode. 

In different example codes of ADuCM330 there are some functions defined for specific interrupts. Whenever that interrupt happens , it go to that interrupt routine. E.g. 

void GP_Tmr_Int_Handler(void)     is defined for GP_Timer.

void ADC_Int_Handler(void)  is defined for ADC interrupt.


My questions are as follow:


1: Which function is used for GPIO4 interrupt. ?  

2: Does we need to enable GPIO4 interrupt from ISER0 as well.? If yes, then how to do so.?

3: For high level, how much voltage signal we need to give to GPIO4 to wakeup.? is it 3.3V or 5V.?

4: Similarly how can we use same port as a receiving pin for UART communication. We get some example code for UART transmission but still looking for some code of UART receiving.Please share it if possible..?