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Question asked by Andyy on Jul 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2018 by Andyy

Hi EZ (mark.ramos),


We are trying to increase the bandwidth of the impedance measurements, since we are measuring multiple sensors real time. Currently it seems that the bottleneck is the DFT conversion time which each takes 204700 clock cycles (see fig. 124). Is there any way we can reduce this conversion time? The conversion time translates to a ~13 ms measurement delay which limits us to about 7 Hz pr. sensor in a 10 sensor system.

I would assume that we (at the cost of accuracy) could reduce the number of samples in the DFT(?), but I am not sure how this is done. If you have any other info as well on how to speed up the measurements, it will be much appreciated! 


We are currently running the system based on a modified "ImpedanceMeasurement_2Wire" example.


Thanks for your help so far!