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Synchronizing two AD9959s

Question asked by rlaghlfh on Jul 2, 2018

Hi, I've purchased two AD9959/PCBZ evaluation boards to output 8 signals whose phases are slightly different.

I think I need to fully synchronize two eval boards.

My understanding is that I need to ensure coincident REFCLK and SYNC_CLK  input edges.


AD9959 datasheet says there are three methods (1 automatic and 2 manual) to synchronize SYNC_CLK edges.

Also, it gives the following figure. 



Here are my questions.



According to it, the signal paths from the ref clock source should be same to ensure coincident REFCLK edges.

Since I use eval boards instead of designing own PCB, is it possible to make the path lengths same when I use an AD9510 eval board? AD9510 eval board seems to have different path lengths between its outputs.


2) I only use two AD9959/PCBZs. Are there any recommendations for my design instead of AD9510?


3) Now I'm controlling the AD9959/PCBZ using PC software. AD9959/PCBZ's datasheet says the software supports multi device sync. Is it possible to simultaneously control and synchronize two AD9959/PCBZ using the software? 

Or do I need to use another controller such as MCU or FPGA like the above figure?



Sorry for many questions and thanks in advance!