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Problems with ADXL372 self-tests ?

Question asked by At_LCO on Jul 2, 2018
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I'm using the self-test function of the ADXL372 and sometimes I get faulty result. If i perform the test again the function indicates me that the selftest is passing..

This is a bit confusing as I expect to always get a "success" when the accelerometer is working or always get "not success" when it has detected a failure once.


Here is the procedure I follow:

1. Read previous configurations of Fifo Control and Power Control Registers.

2. Writing in  Fifo Control Register : 0b00000000

3. Writing in Power Control Register: 0b00100011

4. Wait at least 370ms for filters to be set

5. Writing in SelfTest Register: 0b00000001

6. Reading SelfTest Register until the bit 1 (ST_Done) is set

7. If bit 2(USER_ST) is set -> indicates selfTest pass otherwise selftest is failed

8. Restore previous configuration of accelerometers (Power&FIFO Control registers)


Is there something wrong in this process?


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