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Sampling Clock of AD9208

Question asked by TERRY123 on Jul 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2018 by UmeshJ

I am using AD9208 with ADS7-V2EBZ.

I have some questions about sampling clock of AD9208.

In the datasheet of AD9208, the sample rate 2500(Min)MSPS ~3100 (Max) MSPS.


Then, below 2500MHz(0~2500MHz) can't I use this ADC properly?

But, based on my experiment, when I set the 1GSPS or 2.4GSPS or something below 2.5GSPS as sampling clock,

the SNR & SFDR of ADC is very good.


the value of datasheet(2500MSPS~3100MSPS), what standard is applied?