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Interface to MultiSim

Question asked by USMC_Spike on Jul 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2018 by USMC_Spike

Hi y'all,


I'm interested in using the ADALM1000 and ADALM2000 (AM1k2k).

At least i won't fill up the page with long identifiers after first use.

The AM1k2k can be interfaced to/with MatLab controller that I've read about

here on your site. 


At College, we've been using MultiSim to run simulations and configurations

of various circuits.  Is there a way to take the schematic that we've drawn up

from MultiSim and interface it with either AM1k2k?


Future use, also looks that there might be a 2000-Pluto.  Same question.


Forgive my ignorance of what is in either ADALM-1k/2k, I've perused the

site and it look pretty robust, is there also a timing IC embeded in either?

That is, is there a 555 timer type IC included so as we don't have to always

use a discrete IC on the bread board?


I ask because one of my early needs is to measure the oscillation

in small power transformer secondaries and easily design a CRC snubber

to protect against it.  The timing circuit will excite it to cause the oscillation.