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EVAL - ADAU1466Z throughput latency

Question asked by toaof on Jun 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2018 by KJBob



I've just started using the ADAU1466Z eval board as part of an ANC project. I've got some NLMS and FxNLMS schematics working just fine, but...


When it comes to modelling the secondary transfer function of my physical speaker/error mic system, the FIR coefficients weren't coming out as expected. Seemed to be a longer transfer function than I had calculated.


I traced it back to the end-to-end throughput latency of the eval board - from analogue input to analogue output shows 1.3ms on my scope.  This seems like a lot and is too much for my ANC application...


Does anyone else have experience with this board?


Are there settings I've missed (or other ways routing an analogue signal in and out of the board) to get the throughout latency down to a few clock cycles?


Or do I need to move away from a eval board? One of the stated applications of the 1466 is ANC, so it must be something I've missed...


Thank you in advance,