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hi, i'm a student, and i'm a beginner in beginner in visual dsp , i need help to know how to make this project,thnx

Question asked by maherhajri on Dec 30, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2012 by CraigG

This mini project is first used to load an image of the computer processor memory


Blackfin with the VisualDSP + +. The BF533 is used as a platform for


loading images. Click on the View Debug Windows Image Viewer ... image


Configuration is open. The start address to 0x0 with big memory  of 1. this


starting address is the memory of SDRAM Blackfin processor.


Then we execute the second DCT and IDCT with BF533/BF537. In addition, we present a


quantification process between the DCT and IDCT to compress the image at


different. The quantization table used in this experiment is taken from the standard


JPEG compression. Load B & W image in the Blackfin memory address 0x0.


Note the size of the image by clicking on Configure ... In the Image Viewer and edit the


image height and width.


Reconstruct the image after compression. The reconstructed image is placed at 0x80000.


Use the Image Viewer in VisualDSP + + to observe the reconstructed image. to


instead of loading the image several times in the image viewer, click


just the icon in the regenerating window Image Viewer to make


update the image, because all the reconstructed images are placed at the same address.


Observe and comment on the quality of the reconstructed image.