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adau1446 input / output continuity

Question asked by benybiles on Jun 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2018 by benybiles

Hi, I have

TDM2 16bit I2S selected on input 4

TD8 16bit I2S selected for output 4


on the adau1446. I'm switching clock domain 4 SD pin from input to output mode and switching the input/output on/off depending if I'm recording or playing back audio.


I'm not really getting what I expect to see on the scope.



I'm assuming the TDM8 should be 32bits per slot ( 24bits padded with zeros to make a 32bit slot ? )

I2S stereo I2S TDM2 to be 2 x 16bits  


is there a conflict here by using different modes on the same clk domain even if I'm switching them on/off and switching SD4 input/output mode ? or this should work ?