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How to implement a NxM Mixer with no. of inputs & outputs more than 16 in 21489

Question asked by dkybchoi on Jun 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2018 by dkybchoi

Dear Team, 

       I would like to know how to implement a NxM Mixer where NxM is 32x32 because what I found in teh TreeToolBox , the NxM Mixer can grow up to 16 Inputs and 16 Outputs only.  So my questions are : 


1.  I am not very sure whether it is still possible to implement bigger size Mixer in 21489 EVB .   The following are the version  we use now :  

Sigma Studio  Ver 3.14 Build 2 Rev 1690 

Sigma Studio For SHARC Rel 2.2.0 

HW - ADSP 21489 EVB 


2. As I heard there is a module called Audio Signal Router which is suggested to be used to replace NxM Mixer module ,  but I cannot find it in SigmaStudio ToolBox .   Do you have any idea about it ? 





yb Cai