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About using ADUX 1020

Question asked by naohisa on Jun 29, 2018
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I would like to use ADUX1020.

So, I have two questions. Please help me.



I would like to use six ADUX 1020 and control them with one master.
Can I set and distinguish slave addresses to each sensor with I2C communication?


In the datasheet there is a description of "The slave address is not configurable."

I think that the slave address is fixed at 0x64.


This means that it is impossible to set another slave address for six ADUX 1020,

and is it correct in understanding that I2C communication with CPU is possible only with 1: 1 connection?
(1: 6 is not acceptable)



The range of gesture recognition is defined as 0.5 cm - 15 cm in the data sheet.
I'd like to detect the movement of an object with less than 0.5 cm outside the specification range,

but are there any concerns?
Because it is out of the specification range, is it impossible to detect (accuracy is bad)?


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