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How to use EVAL- AD7616SDZ and EVAL-SDP-CB1Z

Question asked by janey on Jun 28, 2018

I use the EVAL- AD7616SDZ and EVAL-SDP-CB1Z(with blackfin ADSP-BF527).


So The function I think is to take an analog signal from AD and convert it to a digital signal and send the signal to EVAL-SDP-CB1Z.


The question is 

1. Which pin of SDP-B(BF527) receive the signal that send to eval from ad7616?

2. I'll programming to crosscore embedded studio

    Do I have to setting or programming to ADC for using AD7616

3. I have to use JTAG for programming?

    (I have a OTG USB)

   and I want to use the SPI or UART signal communication. 


So I have to use only JTAG?


Thank you