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How do I manage projects in CCES?

Question asked by NathanCrow on Jun 28, 2018
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How do I manage projects in CCES?


I have made several projects in my workspace to test out various hardware interfaces on my board.  Each of which compile and run as intended.  However, I can't figure out how to get the compiler/linker to recognize source files in other projects without physically copying them into the local src folder.  This is a pain because if I find I need to fix something, I have to fix it in each copy.  For instance I could have a project called "Test UART" that has 4 files: testUART.c,, testUART.h, UART_tools.c, and UART_tools.h.  I then decide to make a project to test some other device, lets say a compass.  I would like the testCompass.c to use functions in UART_tools.c.  I can include the UART_tools.h by including path information in testCompass.c (#include "../Test UART/src/UART_tools.h" or something like that).  This makes the compiler happy, but the linker has no idea where to find the UART_tools.c unless I physically copy it to the "Test Compass" src folder. 


Is this what reference projects are for?  Your documentation tells me how to do a lot of things, but it never tells me what those things actually are?  What is a reference project?  What do you mean be Static Library?  What is the difference between a project and a workspace?


I would  love to have a "common" directory/folder that includes source files for interfacing with various interfaces and hardware as will as home grown DSP libraries.  In IAR I can include files in a project without needing to make multiple copies.  It seems as if CCES was based around the developement model that is never discussed in the documentation and/or videos.  It is strong on how and weak on why.


Am I missing some part of the documentation?  Is this an Eclipse thing that would make since if I were familiar with how Eclipse works?