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Do I Need to Program the AD9528 Clock Generator Using the IIO?

Question asked by AustinF on Jun 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2018 by mhennerich

Hi all, I'm working on figuring out the IIO for the Mykonos development board, which uses the AD9371. I've followed the steps in the AD9371 Wiki for creating an SD card with a Linux image designed to be compatible with the Xilinx ZC706 board and the AD9371. I have configured the default environment, updated the mac address of the board, and have ensured that my uEnv.txt file is correct. I have used the "ADI Update Tools" and "ADI Update Boot" located on the desktop of the Linux image and have confirmed that my tools and boot are up to date. I'm applying a 30.72MHz reference clock to the board.


When I enter into the IIO Oscilloscope only two devices appear: xadc, and ad9528-1.  Do I need to configure the ad9528 before I can interact with the AD9371? The wiki makes it seem like it should be plug and play from this point, but I've struggled to figure out why I can only see the clock chip (and the FPGA ADC) but nothing else.




I have also tried following this page without success (make menuconfig is dependent on ncurses which seems to be missing from the image).