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IIO Oscilloscope : Segmentation Fault on connecting

Question asked by electrodev99 on Jun 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2018 by electrodev99

Hello all,


I'm using Xilinx Vivado 2017.4 and Petalinux 17.4. I'm using the latest ADI linux repo, rootfs, device tree, and all the latest libraries. Yes, somehow I am able to get Petalinux up and running using the ADI stuff as an external source. It was weeks of headaches... Anyway, my target board is a custom designed ZynqMP board with an FMC connector, and attached to it is the FMCOMMS3. I finally have proper communication and calibration completed with the ad9361 device. I am able to run my custom software to read in RX data and that seems to work okay.


However, to make sure I am really reading in data, I want to run the IIO OSCILLOSCOPE software, but when I run it, it immediately crashes after pressing OK when connecting to the device remotely from my remote ubuntu machine over ethernet to the custom device.


The .osc_crash_report says:


IIO-Oscilloscope Crash Info


PID: 28579

Signal No: 11

Signal String: Segmentation fault

Error No: 0

Error String: Success

Time Stamp: Thu Jun 28 12:50:07 2018


IIO-Oscilloscope Backtrace










I'm not sure how much of that actually matters to debugging it...


Reading previous threads like (iio-oscilloscope segmentation fault using hand-built uImage/dtb ), I realize I'm not sure what I should be doing next. I have custom-modified the ADI Linux to include my own drivers. If I need though, I can always update everything and go from there. However, I cannot put the development board on the network, so I cannot simply do an


Any pointers?