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How to add custom PL DAC data to ad9361 IP for generated HDL_2016_2 libraries project.

Question asked by on Jun 28, 2018
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I generated vivado fmcomms2 HDL_2016_2 libraries for zedboard. I could initiate the fmcomms2 ad9361 interface in the hardware through SDK NO OS Code. I could capture the fmcomms2 tx data in the spectrum analyzer, for which DAC sin data fed through the SDK NO_OS  code.


Now my quiery is that i wanted to add DAC data  to the ad9361 IP ports from PL side. The DAC data  i have is VHDL module which i wanted to add as a submodule in HDL_2016_2 libraries created project. 


Please someone help me to add my own DAC vhdl data to the ad9361 IP ports.