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Solar Panel Optimisation Circuit for Shaded Environment

Question asked by Serz on Jun 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2018 by Zack


I am making a SLA Battery Charging circuit that is going to be powered by the solar panels. There are going to be 3 of them in total each 10W 12V rated. The main issue is that each of them is going to be spaced 120 degree apart so only one of them is going to be orientated to the sun and others are going to be picking up the rest. (As it is shown on picture below)

My idea was to use LT3652 Solar Charger with MPPT for each panel, so 3 in total and then wire them in parallel on battery terminals. That way I am expecting to have the maximum performance out of the solar cells and avoid one solar cell degrading the performance of others in case of shading conditions.

So the question is - If this this configuration is going to work sufficient enough to get the most out of the solar cells? Or is there an other option and chips that are maid to resolve such an issue more effectively?

Will it be much different from connecting all panels in parallel and having blocking schotky diode on the positive output of each solar cell and then just using a single MPPT charger?


Thank You.