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ADV7612 VS abnormal output

Question asked by 涂玉山 on Jun 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2018 by 涂玉山

The customer use ADV7612+ADV7511 as a standard unit , and they use this unit wit another this unit to cascade(they use this solution to implement the outdoor advertising LED display,the whole system use a lot of this module to LED Display). it mean that they use one unit's ADV7511 output to next  unit ADV7612 input. But if the customer use HDMI cable to input a unstable vedio signal , the first unit ADV712's output VS abnormal .  and this unnormal output cause the whole LED display under jitter. Is there any advice about this case's solve solution?

We work with customer use our ADV7612_7511 demo-kit  to do experiment, but there's a problem that. When we use AVES3 soft to connect the board with usb cable, and then load our AVES3_Folder-EVAL-ADV7612-7511 (download from engineer zone), and run our ADV7612-VER.2.9c_AVEB script file. There's turm out that our board can't indentified by PC sometimes. And we check out that the IO MAP (98 6F) 0X6F[2]  readback that is '0', and the 0X6F[0] is '1'. and the normal situation those two bit is'1'. so is there any suggestion about this issue for DEMO-KIT application? Thanks a lot.