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Allowed reference values in TES for the AD9528

Question asked by Jon.Kraft Employee on Jun 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2018 by sripad


I see that the AD9371 TES no longer has a drop down menu for the AD9528 reference selection.  Instead, the user can type in a reference frequency.  This is great, and allows more flexibility.  But what reference values are acceptable, for the 122.88MHz VCO?  The old drop down menu allowed for 30.72MHz, 61.44MHz, 122.88MHz, 153.6MHz, 184.32MHz.  But I know others also give lock, such as 81.92MHz: 

And if I change the VCO (i.e. 125MHz), what is the relationship for the new allowable references?  Since the AD9528 PLLs are INT N, I assume there is some allowed R/N*fVCO that will give PLL lock.  But I don't see anyway to set the R and N values.



 - Jon