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Automatic source selection

Question asked by ChrisK. on Jun 27, 2018

Dear ladies and gentleman,


I would like to implement an automatic source selection for the ADAU1702 and ADAU1452 DSP chipsets.

The basic idea, is to detect the presence of an audio signal on one of the inputs and than process this audio signal through the rest of the schematic towards the audio outputs. The ideal case would be a solution where the priority of the audio streams can be controlled. A possible use case is to process an audio stream from FM radio and then switch over to a  Bluetooth audio stream automatically as soon as music is played with this BT link. Since this is my first implementation with the Sigma Studio I have not fully grasped all of the possibilities of the software. My first try was to use a threshold detection and than combine it with a mute button. But the mute button can only be checked in the Sigma Studio? Isn't it possible to check the mute button by any other function? If this is the case I see a strong limitation of the use cases for this button, because this would postulate that the DSP is only used in combination with a live debugging session.