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sync with external LO

Question asked by julianms on Jun 26, 2018


i want to receive and RF signal from another device and due is an OFDM signal I need to be perfectly synced in frequency due the frequency deviation is very high in base-band and don't have implemented yet and frequency syncronizer algorithm.


For this reason with the help of the LO of TX device maybe I would be able to receive the signal centered and without frequency deviation just a simple phase offset.


The problem is how to feed the external LO to Pluto board because the external clock and rx_monitor or second RX_signal are not populated in the board and in ad9363 datasheet I don't see and external LO input pin.


other option would be to feed the pluto board with an external 10 Mhz but I don't know what I have to change to make a pluto works with an external 10MHz clock if it's possible.