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adf4351 fast frequency sweep

Question asked by kirankumar on Jun 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by kpeker

hii everyone,


i am working on adf4351, i need to generate the high speed sweeping frequency using ADF4351 software, as I am trying to jam any wireless network  example(mobile signal or wifi). I searched online the frequency range of cellular network (4G LTE (1800 MHZ and 2300 MHZ).


I am trying to generate the frequency sweep  between (1800 to 2300 MHz) but i dont see any effect on the mobile network signal. I want to know , how can i increase the frequency sweep speed and make it sweep at the fastest rate possible to jam the wireless network?  In ADF4351 i am generating sweep using Sweep and HOP tab. where i can see the frequency start and stop function.


Thank you