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Question asked by TERRY123 on Jun 26, 2018
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I  am using AD6688-3000EBZ, ADS7-V2EBZ with ACE software.

I have some questions.


1. when no using DDC(Full band width mode, No DDC), the resolution of ADC is 7 bit. is that correct??


2. 915MHz (+10dBm Signal by using signal generator) is continuously applied to ADC A channel input.

the Setting : Sampling clock : 2.441 GHz DDC Mode ON (NCO Freq : 915MHz) , L = 4, M = 2, F = 1 N'=16, Line rate = 6.103Gbps, Decimation rate = 4.

But, the level of Fund Power is consistently changed.....

What is wrong with this....

Look at the pictures as below.






                                                                                       <picture 1>







                                                                                   <picture 2>


The test condition is fixed. not changed But Fund Power is consistently changed. (Picture 1 : -27dBFS Picture 2: -12dBFS)



3. When I start the ACE software, I can see the error message as below.




Actually, In the past, I used AD9208-3000EBZ with ACE Software.

But I could not see that message.

what is the problem?!


Thank you for ur help!!!