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Precise setting of the DAC output current in AD9910/12 DDS

Question asked by Aion on Dec 28, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2012 by KennyG

I need to set the output voltage generated by a DDS generator with very high resolution (about 24 bits). I plan to use a multiplying 16-bit DAC at the output of the DDS, but of course it is not enough. The question is:


Is it possible to slightly adjust the DAC Iout current of AD9910/12 devices (better than 14 bits)?


For example by injecting a small DC current into the DAC_RSET pin (through an additional resistor connected with its other side to an additional voltage output DAC)?


Where can I find more details about the DAC used in these DDS?


How the stability of the rms voltage generated with AD9910/12 is compared to the stability of the rms voltage generated with a DDS with external reference (for example AD9835)?


Thank you for a help!