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Unable to eliminate the delay between two AD9162 DACs

Question asked by zurdovw on Jun 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by saberbf

Hi, I am working with a board that include two AD9162 clocked with the same clock source through a unique hmc987 clock distribution buffer. I am trying to synchronize both DAC in order to have the same latency in the output port.


I can only be able to reduce the delay differences between both DAC to a fex clock cycles. I saw in another answer JESD ynchronization accuracy for AD9144 and AD9162  that using the SYSREF_PHASE_OFFSET register is possible to adjust externally the clock source to reduce the phase difference between both converters but I am unable to do that due to the common clock source for both converters. Is there any other possible solution to get the same delay between both converters??


Thanks a lot in advance...