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AD-FMCDAQ2-EBZ + ZC-706 dev kit: unexpected glitch when generating a sawtooth waveform

Question asked by Mochi on Jun 25, 2018
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I was advised on High-Speed DACs and I will set up a new thread here.


This is a question about the operation of the AD9144(or ADI FMCDAQ2).
My customers are evaluating the AD9144.
My customer is trying to output sawtooth waves from AD9144.
T = 200 nS, + 100 count → -100 count
The customer inputs the code and evaluates the output waveform.
Strangely, the output slope bounces small around 0 count.
Customers suspect this as miscounts.


The FPGA side consists of Xilinx ZC706 and the DAC side is made by ADI FMCDAQ2.

How should I check to isolate it from mistakes in circuit design?


Right now, I confirm the customer's HDL, and I encourage customers to use DPG Downloader.
I'd appreciate if you give me expert advice.

Best regards