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adsp-bf706 ezkit timeout

Question asked by cncjerry on Jun 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2018 by cncjerry

I have the subject board and I am running some of the examples.  I've noticed that at approximately 246 seconds the audio output becomes almost muted.  So for instance the talk-through code works fine for 246 seconds and then all of a sudden the output drops by 29db.


I then tried adding an oscillator to the talkthrough schematic in sigmastudio, compiled, linked and exported and then did the same in CCES.  My oscillators run for 246 seconds and then the output drops by about 28db or so.


I looked at the hardware schematic, record input, playback, etc and the watchdog isn't on.  Is this a "feature" to prevent extended use of the board?  Restarting the debug session in CCES restores the output.


I hope this isn't some crazy limit on the board???