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ADV7610 with 1080p60 Input

Question asked by P-Sam on Jun 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by GuenterL

I have ADV7610 as HDMI receiver and an SDI transmitter from another manufacturer on my PCBA.  I could make 1080p24 video go through my PCBA, and the video came out on a monitor was perfect.  My goal is to use 1080p60, but when I send 1080p60 to HDMI receiver, it didn’t work.  When I switched input video from 24 frame to 60 frame, I adjusted frame setting at IO register 0x01.


My observation is that HSync coming out of ADV7610 is not stable, and the SDI analyzer cannot detect the format most time, in another word, it detects the format was 1080p60 time to time but very intermittently.  While we can suspect signal integrity on the PCBA, I did adjusted signal driving strength at IO_0x14 and LLC DLL phase at IO_0x19 as many combinations as possible, but it didn't help.  Are there any other register settings I need to change for 1080p60 like the registers setting with "ADI recommended setting" in script of the evaluation board?