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I need to locate const data at a known location for one particular module. I have used the default_section pragma and modified the LDF and successfully located the const data for the target module. However, it is filled with 0's instead of the constant da

Question asked by BillH on Jun 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2018 by Reva@14

I have located the const data for the target source module using #pragma default_section (CONSTDATA, "NewConst"). I have also modified the LDF to put the first segment of the MEM_SDRAM0_BANK1 area into a new memory segment called MEM_SDRAM_BANK1A, and have placed "NewConst" into that area using a new section definition block. This all works just fine, and my linker map shows the const allocations for this module properly placed in the expected memory locations. However, when I examine this area at runtime, it is filled with 0's rather than the const data. There are no warnings or errors at link time.