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HMC321A switch - maximum pulsed input power

Question asked by lpessoa on Jun 25, 2018



we are using HMC321A for an application using WiFi signals at 5GHz, based on OFDM modulation. Using a signal generator from R&S, I have tried to increase the average input power up to +9dBm (which corresponds to ~20dBm PEP - Peak Envelope Power), and the switch is working fine, although the EVM of the output signal degraded from -34dB (for input powers < +6dBm) to -30.5dB. The signal is OFDM with 64-QAM modulation and 20 MHz of bandwidth.


Since the data sheet refers under absolute maximum ratings:  
Maximum Input Power Vdd = +5V  ---->>>   +26 dBm


I would like to ask whether under pulsed signals, namely OFDM as in my case, if it is safe to increase the average input power to let's say 20 dBm (or more?), and still expect the IC to last.


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