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HMC980LP4E Bias Controller 

Question asked by on Jun 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2018 by Gauzz

I consider to use HMC980LP4E to provide bias control for CMD173P4 amplifier that requires bias voltage Vdd =+8V and Vgg =+3V (enhancement mode amplifier). And would like to verify that the following HMC980LP4E configuration would work to provide correct bias control for the CMD173P4 amplifier:


Pin 11 and 12: grounded

Pin 8: N/C

Pin 16: connect to CMD173P4's Vgg

Pin 17 and 18 connect CMD173P4's Vdd

Pin 20 connect to 1.9K resistor to ground (to set Idd =80mA)

Pin 14: N/C

Pin 15: grounded

Pin 13: N/C

Other pins are connected in the same way as for a depletion mode amplifier.


Thank you!